The "Gold"en Girls

As we arrive upon the final day of the Bejing 2022 Games, we have focused on a few elements that make the Olympics. We've gone behind the scenes a bit to include particular athletes competing for a coveted award. This blog will be no different but will focus on women in sport. Last time I talked about how men have developed what we know as competition. While that is true, women are just as important to sport as men. By adding beauty and grace to enduring perseverance and amazing resilence and strength, they bring another dimension to sports that make watching them truly enjoyable. We've seen teens grow up in a matter of weeks, twenty somethings at the peak of their athletic careers, and aged individuals, as far as sport is concerned, maintain fitness and stay at the top of their game. These women have proven to the world that not only can they compete with men, they have overcome many obstacles to get to this place. For some this may be their one chance to go for gold, while for others this may be their last blast before pursuing other endeavors. Either way, it is a proud moment for these talented women who have given up time with families and friends and/or put relationships and having children on hold to achieve a lifelong dream. Gold medal or not, they are role models, supermoms, team players and most of all, champions. I heard somewhere along the course of the past eighteen days that these particular Olympic Games are comprised of approximately 60% women. This is huge considering the early days women were expected to stay home and raise families. It shows just how far women have come in the world of athletics. A new concept introduced in the past two Olympics is that of mixed teams which further proves that women have a place alongside men in the world of sport. Faster, stronger, higher together. This motto of the 24th Winter Olympiad means so much more than just uniting the world when women can finally be recognized alongside their male counterparts. Hopefully together, men AND women can continue to compete side by side as "Gold"en Girls for their Mo"men"t Of Glory. We say goodbye to China and the female athletes who have sacrificed everything to demonstrate abilities, heartbreak, success, and everything in between and look forward to seeing you go for gold once again in Paris in the summer of 2024.

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