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Spring Has Sprung...

...and that means longer days are ahead, warmer weather will be luring us outside, and cute wildlife babies will be popping up for us to admire. It may also signal a rebirth of flowers and trees that sat dormant during Winter, or a time to refresh our homes or wardrobe. Spring can kickstart a new hobby or reboot our health. For me, personally, it is a relaunch of my website and some exciting new blog material. Whatever the case may be, a new season is upon us, so let's plunge into it with vigor and see where it leads!

Due to some tech issues that have not been completely resolved, it has been several months since my last post. With that being said, I would like the opportunity to reintroduce myself and my passion and review parts of the last series of articles so that you are inspired to return to my page week after week and revisit some of the earlier topics which were addressed. Those of you that have been with me from the beginning may already know my background so bear with me here. Any newcomers out there? Greetings! Glad you have chosen to be a part of the wonderful After Effects Fitness family!

For my brand new followers, my name is Doni and I have been in the fitness industry (in some form) my entire life. As soon as I could walk, I was twirling baton, but after a few black eyes and facial traumas from not being as talented as I should have been, it was decided another sport might be a better option. At the age of two, my mom enrolled me in the city's recreational gymnastics program. You would think my lack of hand-eye coordination would have hindered my ability to excel at anything. Well, guess what? It helped...and fueled my love for all things fitness. I developed balance, flexibility, spatial awareness and genuine passion for what the human body can actually do. I competed throughout high school and college and a few injuries along the way led me into the physical therapy field where I was able to share my experience and knowledge to help others. Fast forward and mere fifteen years and two kids later, I joined a local gym where I was inspired by fitness instructors, other members and personal trainers to use my background as an athlete, coach and gym junkie to become one of them and heal individuals from the inside out. Currently, I teach group fitness classes in both indoor and outdoor settings and allow my creativity to engage all ages and abilities to enjoy movement as much as I do!

Enough about me since this site was designed for YOU! Before being sidelined with unexpected issues, the last few blogs were part of a unit on special populations and how they, too, can get up, get out, and get moving. In case that term is unfamiliar, it refers to a specific group of people that have conditions impairing or restricting movement. Keep in mind that exercise is for everyone and hopefully after reading, you will see how extraordinary this genre really is!

Part one dealt with environmental allergies, their effect on exercise, and how to avoid potential triggers. Key points from this blog were relocating when necessary and/or possible, wearing face coverings during activity, and taking workouts indoors. Alzheimer's followed with a piece on how getting and keeping this sector active is essential in slowing the progression of the diease. Some main ideas to remember were to always supervise the session, keep movement patterns simple, and plan fun outings so everyone enjoys the time spent together. Asthma was the third chapter. Under ideal circumstances, many will not demonstrate any difficulties while working out. However, to prevent a problem from arising steps can be taken to ensure their safety. First, reduce intensity on hot days and in higher elevations. Second, like allergy sufferers, move exercise indoors to a well-ventilated, pollen-free setting. Lastly, be cognizant of symptoms so should an attack occur, treatment can be given quickly. Next week, cerebral palsy takes center stage so stay tuned and maybe you will be inclined to get involved or persuade a future generation to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

An important factor (but not the only one) that contributes to feeling your best and remaining ailment free is getting plenty of Vitamin D obtained from sunlight. Clouds are disappearing, the sun is shining, birds are serenading us with cheerful melodies, plants are blooming with color...all of which are welcoming in another beautiful Spring. A season of growth is in full swing. Let's go out and enjoy it! How will you embrace it? My suggestion: spend 30 mins a day outdoors. You'll be happy you did!

Answer in the reply section below:

What growth do you hope to see in your fitness over the next few months?

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