Giving Thanks

Updated: Nov 24

Giving thanks can mean different things for each person. For some, it may signal the holiday season officially being underway or the changing colors of Autumn that surround us. It may motivate us to get more involved in our communities or spend time with relatives and extended family we haven't seen in a while. Yet others are compelled to donate food or goods to a local shelter so no one goes hungry. Taking time to talk to a complete stranger so they don't feel so alone might also represent giving. Or maybe it is just being thankful we are alive and well.

Whatever the reason, giving thanks can mean the world to someone. With this being said, I would like to thank you, my regular class attendees, followers, and readers for your loyalty over this past year. Without all of you, I wouldn't be where I am a rewarding profession with a job I truly love. So please, if you will, come back here often as there will be lots of helpful tips and useful information in the days, weeks and months to come.

In the spirit of giving, I will offer suggestions for getting through the upcoming season without putting on excess pounds and hopefully you'll be thankful you stepped away from your festivities for a moment to read this blog.

We all have to eat, right? Of course we do! If we didn't, our bodies wouldn't receive enough energy to propel us through grueling days of shopping for a delicious turkey dinner or finding the perfect Christmas gift. So how then can we eat healthy during company parties, family reunions and get togethers with friends? Actually it's pretty simple...and easier than you think!

In this post you will learn that it's not about eliminating food, but rather gaining control over it. Take a peek at the back of your hand (palm down)...yes the object at the end of your arm that holds your fork. Now make a fist and wrap your thumb around your curled fingers. Look again. Did you notice that the surface area diminished by about half? What remains visible is considered by most health professionals in the field of nutrition as a serving size. Since everyone's hands differ in shape and size, you have your own built-in unique guide to assist in judging how much food YOU need. Pretty cool, huh? Putting more than that in front of you can result in many unnecessary extra calories. There are exceptions to those such as vegetables so don't be shy when it comes to leafy greens.

The human body is usually pretty close to proportional...the taller you are the bigger and/or longer your extremities are. Larger people need more calories than smaller individuals. Keeping this in mind, those with gigantic "basketball" hands will get to consume mega portion sizes whereas a 4'9" gymnast won't (and shouldn't). If only I wasn't so vertically challenged...

Before you load up on the massive feast in front of you, go back and quickly glance at the hand not holding your plate and help yourself to whatever is being offered being cognizant of portion sizes. Secondly, having only one helping instead of two or more can also ensure that you won't have to work so hard at the gym the next day. Controlling your food intake by limiting your serving size goes a long way in preventing overindulgence and weight gain. Exercise does the rest so after the celebrations have ended, make sure to get up, get out and get moving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Until we chat again...

What are you most grateful for in 2022?

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