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Welcome to After Effects Fitness, a unique fitness blog here for you to explore. I love having the opportunity to share my passion and thoughts with my loyal readers. Using this arena you will get exercise ideas to change up your routine, helpful fitness tips, motivation to find that inner strength and a forum to ask questions and share what inspires you. Thank you for allowing me to become a part of your fitness family. 


Hello Fitness enthusiasts! My name is Doni and this is my story. As a kid, I had lots of much so I would drive my parents crazy. By the time I was two, my mom had enrolled me in gymnastics lessons through our local city program. I don't recall being very coordinated at first (and I still occasionally have an extra left foot that gets in the way), but I was having fun and no longer damaging walls doing cartwheels down the hallway! Mom was very happy about that, let me tell you! After many years of practice, I started competing on a team and my love for the sport grew. It developed a natural ability for just about any other sport or P.E. class I had. And fateful happened. I fell off the uneven parallel bars and broke my back. While I originally thought my athlete days were gone, I became aware during the rehabilitation process that all was not lost and a new story was about to be written. Today I am, for the most part, fully healed and realize that we are human sometimes bound by uncontrollable obstacles that temporarily or permanently limit our physical superpowers. 
I use the word superpower here because what you do is not governed by your physical capabilities, but rather what you THINK you can or cannot do. We all have the power of our own minds, don't let yours hinder you. I challenge and encourage you to find your own unique lies within all of us.

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Author Unknown 

"What seems impossible today will one day be your warm-up."



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